Message Blocks helps sports organizations with all event and tournament planning needs - from easy registration to setting up a website with your event’s agenda and details, we have you covered

Event Planning for Sports Organizations

Your sport is your passion that you need to share, so don’t let logistics get in the way of organizing fantastic events. You need to make things easy for participants and athletes, but more importantly - you need to make things easy for yourself. Whether you’re putting together a local track meet or a national basketball tournament, Message Blocks will simplify your planning process and save you time.

You can create your event page in minutes, featuring your brand, event agenda and a link to your registration page.

Creating your registration page is just as convenient, allowing an unlimited number of price tiers, promo codes and discounts, all making registration super easy and secure.

Use our email messaging platform to upload your coaches names and email them a link to the registration form. One coach can then use our group registration feature to independently register all their athletes in a simple and easy to use form.

The question is what are you going to do with all the time Message Blocks is going to save you?

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