From team coordination to data management, Message Blocks helps associations with all event and conference planning needs

Event Planning for Associations

You are a planner at an association, planning and executing conferences and executive meetings is all you. With this, one of your biggest challenges may be coordinating your team and keeping both your data and databases organized.

Message Blocks is the one platform that will solve all your communication needs. Our cost effective solution allows your entire team access to the planning platform so they can do their jobs effectively and independently; be it inviting attendees, room setup, booking speakers, registering sponsors, or paying facilities, while concurrently keeping tabs on the other aspects of the conference.

Our cloud platform can also tie into all your other databases, saving you time and removing human error. Now you can run all the reports you want from your favorite databases and without any unnatural Excel gymnastics.

An added bonus, Message Blocks can also handle memberships. With one integrated platform containing all your membership information you can better serve your members, and remind them when they may be remiss paying their dues.

The question is what are you going to do with all the time Message Blocks is going to save you?

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