At Message Blocks, we pride ourselves on having the most flexible, customizable event planning and management solution in the market. From meetings to full-blown city wide events - chances are we can help. Our platform caters to different industries, and integrates with a wide variety of different solutions, so if you ever wondered if there was a better way to plan your events - yes there is. And we’re here to help!


Whether you’re a conference planner looking to plan your event more efficiently, or an Executive looking for ways to increase ROI and gain insights for better decision making, Message Blocks will save you time and make you smarter. Here’s how:


As our diverse portfolio indicates, we understand the unique challenges conference planners across different industries face every day.


Though Message Blocks can cover all your conference and event planning needs, we can also integrate with any services you might currently be using - just plug us in and we’ll fill the void for any missing pieces. Already using an email service to communicate with your attendees? we’ll integrate. Already using a service for ticketing and registration? We’ll integrate. Ego aside - our mission is to simplify your event planning needs and bring all the different pieces together.

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