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How we started

Our founder Len was a conference planner for the US government where he along with his team, executed multiple large events for the Air National Guard. He tried the available software packages out there but nothing really helped solve the key issues he came up against on a daily basis. It was out of that frustration that Message Blocks was born. Since then Message Blocks has grown to offer many tools built from a real planner's perspective. It literally has been built by planners for planners. Every tool the system releases is tied to the planner's experience keeping it true to the people that use it every day.

The Best Conference & Event Management Solution

Conference planning and event management can be complex logistical nightmares. Coordinating your team, attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors communication is a full time job in itself. Compounding the human issue is your technologies many planners are forced to use out of desperation. Things like payment processing, email marketing, agenda building, and all around logistics, your tools all need to be done, but are they ever connected? No.

Despite the idiosyncrasies of every moving part, you and your team still pull off outstanding feats of logistics, and after the hot wash, you ask yourself, “is there a better way?”


Event Planning, Management and Intelligence

With Message Blocks, planning and managing your conferences and events will be an easier, using the smarter process, your processes.

What does this mean?
You will spend less time frustrated with technology and more time focusing on what you love; planning exceptional experiences for your attendees, promoting the great speakers you’ve recruited, and helping your exhibitors and sponsors make meaningful connections with your constituents.

Message Blocks will allow you to increase your attendee engagement, provide you with the analytics, and actionable intelligence reports that will make your next conference even better than your last.

Plan better, together.

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